Rules For Your Safety!

  • All persons using any part of the land or its facilities do so entirely at their own risk.
  • Beware of the electric fence around the perimeter of the property. lt produces a shock of 9000 volts.
  • Be aware that Hippos may roam freely around the resort. In the interest of safety, please keep your distance and do not disturb them. It is important not to walk around after dark as this is normally when the Hippos are most active. The Hippo fence is placed along the river front, however caution should still be exercised in the event of hippo's charging out of the water.
  • Do not exceed the speed limit of 40km/h for the safety of children and wildlife.
  • Kindly refrain from feeding the monkeys, as the become aggressive and have to be euthanazed. (A R100 spot fine will be charged for feeding them. Please keep windows and doors locked should you
    leave your unit.
  • Please refrain from swimming or fishing in the river due to the presence of crocodiles and hippos.
  • Do not leave any personal belongings unattended outside your unit.
  • Safety deposit boxes are available at reception. We would recommend that you do not leave any valuable Items unattended inyour chalet.
  • There is always a Duty Manager on call. Please dial #9 for any emergency that may arise.
  • Parents are to ensure that children do not play in the main reception building and are not left unsupervised at the pool orgames area. These areas are used atyour own risk.
  • No glassware maybe taken into any of the pools onthe resort.
  • Please contact reception if you see any snakes. Our staff are trained to catch and relocate them.
  • If it is overcast please avoid the Sabie/Tydenburg/Dullstroom route which is prone to thick mist. The Nelspruit route is a safer option.

We wish you a very pleasant stay and will gladly assist you with any queries that may arise. Kindly dial Ext 9 for assistance.

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